Landscaper liability insurance coverage – Chicagoland and surrounding states.

You’re a landscaper. Your business is to work on other people’s property every day. Unintentional property damage is a risk exposure for your business.

Kamm Insurance Group is an independent agent broker. We’re proud to offer Pekin Insurance products as part of our toolbox of small business solutions.

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As a landscaper, you know that accidents happen. Your crew might cause unintentional property damage while performing a job. Harassment or slander could also become an issue. Liability insurance covers your business, and your crew, for damage to people/bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to property. We work with you to customize an insurance policy to your business operations.

We’re an independent agent broker, which means that we work for you – not an insurance company. Many of our business clients are in landscaping and outdoor work. We understand how you work and the risks you face.

Your business took a long time to build. Protect it with landscaper liability insurance.

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