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Reducing Your Cyber Risk

As businesses become more dependent on technology, the risk for cyberattacks increases. Cyberattacks pose financial and reputational risks to the business. The cost of data breaches worldwide for businesses of all sizes could cumulatively grow to $5 trillion by 2024. There are many cost-effective ways to reduce your cyber risk.

  1. Understand Your Cyber Risks: Businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks through hacking, phishing, malware, and other methods.
  2. Train Employees: Make sure employees know best practices for keeping their and your data secure. We offer convenient online cyber security courses for you and your employees.
  3. Strong Passwords:You can reduce your exposures by having and enforcing a computer password policy for your employees.
  4. Update Software: Routinely check and upgrade major software.
  5. Create Backup Files and Store OffSite: Create backup files on an external hard drive or on a separate cloud account so ransomware can’t hold your data hostage.
  6. Proper Firewall and Antivirus Technology: Evaluate the security settings on your software, browser, and email programs to ensure your devices and network are adequately protected.
  7. Data Breach Plan: Remind employees to periodically review the data breach detection tools installed on their computers. Ensure employees know that if a data breach occurs, they must notify the business immediately.
  8. Cyber Security Insurance – Protect your business with the appropriate cyber security insurance to provide protection for the costs associated with data breaches and ransomware.

When your business is in the market for a cyber insurance policy, or looking to renew an existing policy, the agents at Kamm Insurance Group will consider all the risks your business faces. We will make sure you have the insurance you need to mitigate the losses from cyberattacks and the training to prevent future ones.

Brent Elstrom


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