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Tips to Prevent Medicare Fraud

Older adults are a frequent target of identity thieves, and your Medicare number is yet another piece of information they try to obtain in order to impersonate you and compromise your benefits. Fraudsters may try to submit claims for treatment you never received or bill multiple times for a single office visit or treatment.

Medicare fraud results in higher taxes and healthcare costs for everyone, as many insurers base their payments off what Medicare pays. At Kamm Insurance Group, it’s important to us that you and your identity stay safe, so we put together the following list of tips to help you prevent Medicare fraud.  

Representatives from real Medicare plans will not call you or knock on your door unless you contacted them first, and no reputable agent needs your sensitive personal information to give you a quote. Any policy you purchase will send you bills, not require payment over the phone or by email.


  • Protect your Medicare number and your Social Security number.
  • Use a calendar to record all of your doctor’s appointments and any tests, prescriptions, and medical equipment you get.
  • Click here to learn more about Medicare and recent scams.
  • Click here to know what insurers selling Medicare plans can and can’t do before you purchase. 


  • Don’t give your Medicare card, Medicare number, Social Security card, or Social Security number to anyone except your doctor’s office, an insurer you’ve already agreed to purchase a plan from, or a family member acting on your behalf with your permission.
  • Don’t accept offers of money or gifts in exchange for free or discounted insurance coverage or medical care. No reputable insurer or medical provider will do this, so this is a hallmark of a scam.
  • Don’t allow anyone except medical providers you work with to review your medical records or recommend treatments.

At Kamm Insurance Group, we know selecting a Medicare plan can be daunting. We’ve partnered with eHealth to allow you to easily compare and enroll in plans online. And if you have questions, our life and health agents would be happy to help.


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