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Why Offer Group Dental Insurance?

Your business most likely already offers some traditional benefits for your staff, such as medical or retirement. If you haven’t already done so, you should add dental benefits to that package. We’ll tell you why!

Competition for talent

If you’re in a hot market competing for employees, one simple way to stand out is by offering a great benefits package. Show employees that the benefits you offer will make a substantial difference in their lives—and make your company a better place to work. Dental care can be costly, and many employees consider group dental coverage to be an essential part of their compensation package. As one of the most used group benefits, group dental coverage can be a worthwhile investment to attract and retain great talent. You may think you already have a great benefits package, but studies show that 74% of employees want better benefits and 73% of employees say benefits tailored to their needs would increase loyalty.

So what you have is a workforce that wants better benefits. Better benefits increase loyalty. And within the library of benefits options, there’s a high value placed on dental benefits. Seems like a good reason to offer dental benefits to the team, right? Moreover, The National Association of Dental Plans and the Centers for Disease Control have performed studies that show that employees with dental insurance plans have better attitudes and are less likely to suffer from depression!

Low cost way to go “above and beyond”

Don’t assume dental insurance is expensive! Relative to salary and some other benefits, there are plenty of affordable dental benefits plans available. Dental plans offer a variety of diagnostic, preventive care, and corrective services including cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings, root canals, orthodontia for children, and emergency care while traveling. Adding an affordable dental plan to your benefits can be a manageable expense, especially if you go with a simple, prevention-focused dental plan. You can also offer dental benefits as a voluntary plan (meaning it’s 100% employee-paid), which costs the company nothing.

Prevention is key

People without dental insurance don’t go for regular checkups and preventive care as often as those with insurance. More than 25% of adults without benefits have untreated tooth decay and may delay proper care due to the cost. The longer you wait, the worse it gets, the more it costs, and the more your employee has to pay.

Employees will work more

A report from the Surgeon General showed that adult employees lose more than 164 million hours of work each year due to dental disease or dental visits. By offering dental benefits, you’re encouraging proper preventive and diagnostic care, which most plans cover at 100% (at least if you stay in network), so there is no cost to the employee. As a result, serious issues can be reduced, and since preventive visits often take less time than major procedures, your employees will be back to the office in no time.

Dental benefits are a highly valued perk by employees and definitely worth considering. The benefits advisors at Kamm Insurance Group are happy to talk through the details of dental insurance with you.  Give one of them a call!

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